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What I Do

Web Design & Support

With my advanced Platform, I'm able to design whatever you want.

Simple, beautiful and professional.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Email Marketing

I will design a full Email Marketing Campaign for you. You deliver Content, we both work out the details and I create a full Marketing Funnel, exactly the way you need it.

Online Advertising

CPA Marketing, Social Ads, Youtube Ads, PPC and much more.

​​​​​​​Just choose one.

Fundraising for Nonprofits

Do you have an FB Page, a Group, or Instagram? With my newest service, I am able to give you an amazing win-win Strategy for your Charity Cause. Your Members and Followers don't even have

to spend a dime.

​​​​​​​Informative Blog

In my Blog, you will find the latest news about my Agency. But also valuable Information about Digital Marketing, free Products, Strategies, and so much more.

Youtube SEO

How would you like to get your Videos under the best 10 for a Keyword? I will upload your video and do the full Keyword research.

What People Say

Andrea, from Switzerland


Mau, thank you very much!

You helped me a lot with my new website. It looks amazing. By the way, the funnel you've created for me already gave me over 270 new leads and 7 new clients. All this in a little more than one month!


Tuan, from Switzerland

Hi bro. You rock! Thank you for the funds on my FB group. It was a good help for the charity. 2 months and CHF 1'224.-- in donations, for a few minutes of work, that's crazy!!! I guess I'll do this for the next few months. Thanks again.

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In the Blog section, you will find the latest News about the Agency and many other cool features.

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Who is this guy??

Hi my name is Mauro Crispim and I'm the owner

of this one man business - the Royal Marketing Agency.

I remember back in 2013 when I decided to build my own business...

Yeah...easier said than done.

After a few years of learning the best marketing strategies and methods from the most successful digital marketers on the planet, I realized that no one cares about charity causes. They all concentrate on making money online and selling products. There's where I come in. After 3 years in business, I decided to build another type of business, the Royal Marketing Agency.


What is the Agency about?

Above all, my goal is to help charity causes raise funds without them or the members having to spend the money themselves. This is exactly where the above-mentioned strategies come into play.

Would you like to know about my work? So keep reading below and find out more about it.